Thursday, 22 October 2015

DolomitArt | Award ceremony | Scyamore dance

Guests, Hanspeter Eisendle and

At the opening of the DolomitArt exhibition on October 10th, the senior director for German culture Armin Gatterer, the mountaineer and philosopher Hanspeter Eisendle and BM Guido Bocher held their welcome speech. Andreas Walder, president of the education committee, was the moderator of the event and emphasised the strong connection of nature & art and Hans Glauber, who himself protected the former and created the latter. The connection of nature & art was expressed by the LandArt object, too – a Scyamore seed – which was set up in the course of the project on the terrace of the library. Roberta Rio’s dancing performance imitated the graceful character of the Scyamore seed. After the performance the winners of the LandArt photo competition were awarded. Loris Burger from San Candido-Innichen won the first prize: a balloon tour and a dinner for two. Another 9 prizes were awarded.
The exhibition will be open until December 3rd 2015 in the premises of the library, and then presented in the shops of Dobbiaco-Toblach. Ultimately the exhibition will end up at the Three Peaks nature park at the beginning of 2016.