Wednesday, 21 October 2015

DolomitArt | Jury report

Nina Schröder (journalist, art critic), Brunico-Bruneck
Luis Seiwald (teacher for art education, artist), Colle-Pichl
Josef Hackhofer (president of nature photographers Strix, nature preserve manager on behalf of the Department of natural parks), Brunico-Bruneck

First prize

Loris Burger (San Candido-Innichen)

LandArt becomes especially strong, when you get the feeling that it has always been there, and at the same time it creates some irritation. That happened with Loris Burger’s work, only later, at a second glance you realize that something has changed in the surroundings that adds something, somehow enchanting to the entire picture. The work itself is plain and simple, a dab of paint, a minimal intervention with a great effect.

Second prize

Annemarie Mittich (Dobbiaco-Toblach)
The circular area has been worked out very neatly and awakens associations about a button or a lid in a lunar landscape that the observer would like to lift in order to explore the mystery that lies below. The vastness conveyed by the picture has a very suggestive effect on the observer.

Third prize
Kristin Nöckler (Falzes-Pfalzen)

The artist was courageous enough to take such a worn motif, that of the Three Peaks, and to undermine it in a very simple way. The different sharpness levels of the photograph create a harmonious picture.



Katrin Kasseroler (Bressanone-Brixen)
The LandArt object has the effect of an abstract painting within the landscape and undermines the fact that by elimination and purification something has actually been added to the piece of art.


Sofia and Helena Ploner (S. Pancrazio-St.Pankraz)
The flying dinosaurs (bird) is funny and contradictory, as clay as a material actually represses the light and wing-like motif.


Flaviana Pandolfi (Rome)
The art work looks like a shower of cones, a veil. Hikers have to get closer in order to understand why the cones are floating in the air.


Carolina Leiter (Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers)
The branches laid horizontally create interesting gaps and highlight the shape of the tree.



Elisabeth Mair (Brunico-Bruneck)
The idea of the art competition has been very well interpreted – and in a minimal way – based on the connection of the lamellae of the cones and the rock.


Ulrike Lehmann (Dobbiaco-Toblach)
The art work appears like a musical instrument made of roots for fabulous characters.


Hildegard Mutschlechner (Bolzano-Bozen)
The picture shows an interesting perspective and refers to barriers and passageways at the same time.